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Hello world!

As WordPress wants my first article to be titled ‘Hello World’ I won’t argue with it, so here we are World.

I have been blogging elsewhere for 9 months now, on another site, about a hobby of mine. I have really enjoyed the experience and it shows no sign of getting boring. So I thought I would try blogging as me, Jake Noble director of Yolk Creative and web developer.

At present my direction is going to be towards technical style articles that explore how I solved a problem in the hope that others either find it helpful or poke holes in my approach so I can improve it. You should expect the content to be heavily PHP based with the main focus falling on;

  • Concrete5
  • Symfony2
  • WordPress
  • Zend Framework
  • Front end development –
  • JavaScript, jQuery, KnockOut JS, etc
  • Opinion / ways of working

I would also like to cover elements of running your own business / agency too, as this is something I am always looking to reflect on and improve.

Finally I would really like participation! The main driving force behind my other hobby related blog is other people, getting feedback and generally having a great discussion. So do not be afraid of the comments section!

Less of this Hello World stuff, I best start writing some real content.